From its inception, the firm’s core practice area has been representing clients in all aspects of transactional and real estate related matters. For close to 25 years, the firm has provided general business and management representation to individuals, corporations, partnerships, and local governmental agencies. We have assisted clients with various business and corporate needs and have provided comprehensive assessments and strategic plans in mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures in all economic climates. The firm also serves as an agent for Fidelity Title Insurance Company and Attorneys Title Insurance Fund.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions – Our Commercial Real Estate Transactions Practice area includes representation of South Florida institutional lenders and private clients in their acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate in Miami and throughout the State of Florida.  Our Firm has represented clients in the purchase and sale of various commercial real estate assets including vacant land, industrial parks, mixed-use projects, office buildings, shopping centers, strip malls, commercial condominiums, and apartment buildings.  We have experience in properly structuring and documenting commercial real estate transactions. We understand the risks involved and how to avoid common pitfalls. Creative deal-making can make the difference as to how quickly a Commercial Real Estate Transaction can close, and can also be the breaking point in the transaction making financial sense for our clients. While properly structuring and documenting is the cornerstone of a smooth transaction, the evaluation of a property for use and/or development is just as vital. We advise clients when it is prudent to obtain environmental reports and asbestos surveys, zoning confirmation letters, physical inspections for structural soundness (including roof and termite inspections and, if applicable, 40-year recertification inspections), and financial information (including lease agreements, rent rolls, and profit and loss statements).  Closing a Commercial Real Estate Transaction is no small feat, and is the most demanding of tasks. However, our Firm takes pride in our ability to close commercial real estate transactions in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Areas of Counsel and Service to our Commercial Real Estate Transaction clients: Land Development; Condominiums; Apartment Buildings; Industrial and Retail Offices; Shopping Centers and Undeveloped Land.

Residential Real Estate Transactions – Buying a home in Miami can sometimes be overwhelming. At Pozo-Diaz & Pozo, P.A., our attorneys will be with you every step of the way. We offer comprehensive representation to our clients because we understand that buying a home is often the single-largest investment an individual will make in their lifetime. Most purchasers are not familiar with the real estate industry. Our firm provides our clients with a checklist of items tailored to their particular transaction. Answering questions like: “What is a loan commitment?” “What is Title Insurance?” and “Do I need a survey?” are all frequently asked questions our legal professionals are ready and able to answer.  Refinance transactions are on the rise, as homeowners are taking advantage of historically low interest rates. Our residential real estate attorneys sit down with our clients and explain to them if refinancing their Home is right for them. They discuss the essentials with the client, so they can make an informed decision. Understanding the closing costs involved; the “breakeven” point; and the loan’s APR are just some of the topics that we advise our clients on and ensure they are aware of.  Whether you are purchasing a home or refinancing, our job is to ensure that you are protected. Our experienced residential real estate attorneys are involved from contract to closing. It is our pledge that our clients understand everything before you close.  Areas of Counsel and Service to our Residential Real Estate Transaction clients: Purchase and Sale Agreements; Closing and Escrow Services; Contract Negotiation