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The trial attorneys at Pozo-Diaz & Pozo, P.A., are respected in the legal community and have an excellent reputation for their ability to evaluate and try cases. They are recognized for their proficiency in the trial and defense of personal injury cases involving premises liability, motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, general negligence, professional negligence, negligent security, catastrophic work-site accidents involving heavy equipment and cranes and other tort related claims.

As the resolution of personal injury and other tort related claims in the courtroom has become increasingly complex and expensive, our firm has worked diligently to meet our clients’ needs in a cost effective manner through alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation. We pride ourselves on capable, effective presentation of facts, evidence and the law to the court, and strive to achieve success by maintaining client centered priorities on a case by case basis. To achieve these results, we encourage our clients to maintain an active role in the defense of their case in order for our firm to understand their goals and objectives.

Our attorneys possess experience in the management and trial of lawsuits, and our recognized reputation ensures effective representation in all litigation matters. We understand the need to achieve our clients’ objectives in an effective, efficient manner and do so by committing ourselves to the practice of law under the highest professional standards.